Thursday, 28 June 2012

Glass Pebble Love

A while ago I pinned a really cute project onto my craft board from Claire at Craft Addiction and I FINALLY got my hands on some clear glass pebbles for cheap; 89p for a whole bag. I bought two bags of clear, one of green and two different blues I was so excited by them...

It was an amazing find, and I have plans for the other colourful ones as well as being open to ideas for the clear ones I haven't used yet! Basically Claire, aka Canadian Blonde had the genius idea of making them glittery and boy am I sucker for glitter. My other half often refers to me as different birds, the two I get most regularly are 'You're not exactly a homing pigeon huh Kayleigh?' when I get lost frequently and call him asking to Google map my location and direct me. The other is 'YOU are a magpie' when it of course comes to sparkly things...

So I grabbed my PVA glue, glitter and pebbles and had a sudden inspiration realising I could do something else with them. My sister gets books from working for Easyjet (people read the book and leave it on the return flight when they are finished!) most of which are trashy holiday novels with sappy endings. We read them and the good ones I donate to a charity shop in Liverpool that give free books away to stop them getting pulped. Then oddly, I sacrifice the other books to my crafting obsession.

So here are the tools:

It is so simple you don't need a step by step but just in case refer to Claire!

Polish the pebbles so they are clear and shiny. Some will stay a little tarnished but that is the price I pay getting them so cheap!

Then laying them curved side down, put down a layer of PVA followed by a tonne of glitter. When dry, add another blob of PVA to seal it! 

And as for the book inspiration I had, cut around a word you like so it is kind of pebble shaped (trashy love novels with happy endings have the best words) and do the glue, page, glue layering.

So this is how I started.

I loved how the word pebble turned out I made one or two more...

I think the word pebbles are great for mantras or giving to your friends and family as a compliment or mini loving gift to brighten their day. I have a few project ideas for the pebbles, for now they can sit in this cute little tea cup as a tea light holder.

Though I am thinking rings, brooches, edging my mirror, magnets (of course), maybe even a mosaic, but the 'with love' one is reserved for a special gift!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Well, I might just have a few of those pebbles knocking around. Modge podge - check. Trashy novels, erm, possibly! Another to add to the list - Ta muchly :)

  2. Now I want to try it with an old atlas! I also have a reprinted "modern" take on the new testament kicking around from freshers week last year. It has some lovely graphic designs and my cousin would love them :)

  3. I love the glittery ones! I've got to find some glass pebbles and make some!


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