Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Are You Worrying?

I saw this on my facebook feed today and it made me really happy. After an hour call with my best friend in major panic mode after finishing her Psychology degree and having no clue what to do with her working life whilst struggling to get interviews for just about anything she needs this... Its a Buddhist rule about worrying.

Basically; Don't.

"If it can be fixed; why worry?
If it can’t be fixed, what’s the point of worrying?"

Thanks Shantideva and elephantjournal for the enlightenment today.


  1. This is wonderful and just what I needed!

  2. I love that! I have told my children that for years...unfortunately I'm not so good about taking my own advice.

  3. Hey, guess what? You've just been nominated for the Liebster Award. Nip over to With U in Mind for the post :)

  4. I am a worrier about BIG things like getting a house/mortgage/good job after university but this made me realise I need to go with the flow a bit more. That and a plan to sort things that I can do something about :)

    Also thanks Kat!


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