Friday, 27 May 2011

Decoupage Bracelets

So on my journey to living homemade I decided to start out with something that looked pretty simple; decoupage. Inspired by One Pearl Button I decided to decoupage some dull wooden bracelets I got in a sale a couple of years ago to gain some confidence with the craft.

An experienced decoupager would tell you to start out with nice flat surface to work on such as a box or frame but being me I didn't research THAT part properly and made it difficult with the bracelets...All the in depth know how of how to go about this craft I gained from the link above, though typically I just took it face value with some of my own research into materials.
I used:-
  • Wallpaper samples ripped into 2/3cm wide and 8cm long (collected by visiting a home store and choosing what I liked without being too cheeky with the amount) 
  • Wooden bracelets(I already had but got them on sale in a cheap shop)
  • PVA glue (With a little water to make it shine and fix the overlapping edges)
  • Clear nail varnish to seal

My mistakes; I'm not me without my constant array of errors and misunderstandings.

Some wallpaper nowadays is WAY to thick to use on such a small object but would work amazingly on larger items like tables, boxes or frames. I also didn't have a brush to hand nor money to buy one so I used my hands and it all got rather messy!

Borrowing suggestions and ideas some other cute things to decoupage with are wrapping paper, tissue paper, pictures from old books, old atlases, newspapers, magazines or even print out songs, poems or quotes. It also says seal with proper varnish.

Happy Decoupaging!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Humble Beginnings

A little note about me; I am a British country girl stuck in the big city studying for a Bachelor degree in the History of Art and Museum studies. I am looking to the future to create a recycled and home made life, I am NOT an art student so my starting skills here are pretty limited. However, I am inspired to give it a go and completely in love with the idea. I will take inspiration from television, books, the internet and my own creative visions to create different recycled and home made crafts. This is a personal journal for me to document what I learn, make and plan for the future. 

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