Friday, 15 June 2012

Fathers Day

So being at university in Liverpool and working over the summer means I have to post my Fathers day card to other side of the country and make do with seeing my family in a months time when I can afford the trip home and time off. I have been struggling to find the card perfect for my Daddy and in the end decided to make one. I don't think he reads my blog so thought I would share it with you all.

Now being the youngest of three I consider myself quite spoilt my Daddy does everything he can to help me achieve what I want through his care, love and the 'youngest child support' I get... I hate to say that I am not a self sufficient grown up yet whilst studying my degree and I cannot wait to one day repay my parents all their kindness (I don't think they will accept actual money, it isn't their style). 

Through travelling to South Africa for a month where I was hospitalised; he was ready to jump on a plane to rescue me (it really wasn't as serious as google claimed, so him reassured, I finished the trekking and charity work I was there for), when I quit my first University course whilst working in America to travel he remained supportive. I also moved five hours away from home to study Art History after that. He knows it makes me happy so he accepts I am where I have to be even though he would rather I was closer to home. I know that when it comes to getting a house, opening my own gallery, and when I have children that he will be there too.  I am headstrong, erratic, impulsive, VERY trying and a big dreamer; it takes a lot of patience and restraint having me as a child and I love him for managing so well.

But anyway here is the card I posted today, I hope he likes it. With about 4 stamps as I fear the wrath of the Royal Mail for not paying enough in postage...

I chose this paper of a parent giraffe and a baby giraffe, I like knowing at 22 I am still his little girl.

Then I got some white card, some pretty paper for inside and some paper cut hearts to disguise my scruffy gluing as I had a bit of an argument with the pritt stick. 

Fold and cut as required. I made a really awkward shaped card so wrapped it in book pages to post it! 

And this is the inside, its a bit crinkled from the glue drying in the picture and I got a bit glitter happy, I love glitter and sequins falling into peoples laps when they open my cards.

OH! If you just want to make a shop bought card more personal try adding pretty paper inside or/and a ribbon/ ribbon-rope around  the middle like a little book.

 I wish I had put my blog link into the card now so he can see how much he means to me and how much I appreciate everything he and my Mum do for me.

I think the moments I most look forward to are him walking me down the aisle one day, and the Father/Daughter dance we will have that day. I know I will cry. A lot.

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