Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Easy Paper Bunting

I finally made some paper bunting for my drab looking university room. Turns out it takes less than an hour and is SO easy!

I got pretty paper from a gifted magazine from my house mates Mum who is craft crazy too.

I had a tonne of pretty paper but thought the freebies with simply homemade should be put to use.

So I collected the paper I wanted to use (its a nice thick paper) from my stash and also got my pretty tape the same friend bought me in Japan.

With scrap paper I cut out a template of a large elongated 'bunting flag' shaped triangle with a slim rectangle included above it, trimming until I was happy with the size. 

Tracing it onto one sheet of paper I then grabbed a handful and some very sharp paper scissors to bulk cut them out. EASY!

Using my pretty tape I taped along the slim rectangles at the top of each flag...

Joining them as I went. This was the only only tricky part as the tape likes to stick to EVERYTHING and you have to double it up behind the flag to ensure it is a strong hold whilst aligning the tape and un-sticking it from everything.Also leave a little at each end for hanging/pinning.

Then hang it! 

See, easy and pretty :) Oh and a sneaky look at my 5 ft map too.

Happy Crafting.


  1. SO SO SO cute!
    I LOVE making banners!

    Thanks for posting the great pictures.


  2. That cool! And I see you're a map person too. Yea. One of my kitchen walls is covered in a 10' map of the world. :-)

    Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning and for your comment on 'Slovenly Peter.' Lucky you to live so close to 3 bookstores, my best dream!!

  3. I love your bunting, a great way to add color to a room. Thanks for sharing your project!
    Lori D.

  4. Just as cute as can be.I have never attempted one, but I am inspired by yours.

  5. Hi Kayleigh! Loving your blog! I love how easily buntings can spruce up a room or party. Thanks for commenting on our "How do you budget?" Post yesterday. We would TOTALLY love to have you share with us! Is next Friday the 29th too soon? Let me know! My email is

    So happy you expressed interest, I love hearing how other people budget and I can't wait for your tips!

  6. Pretty! I love your paper choices!

  7. Darling paper choices and I bet it really brightens up your room.

  8. Thanks for sharing how you made your bunting. Love the design on your papers and tapes! =)

  9. this is a nice idea..colorful & fun..thanks for dropping by..I m following your blog..keep sharing dear,,
    K ~

  10. I think it makes it look fun-like you're about to have a party:)

  11. Beautiful! Love the look! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

  12. Thanks Everyone! It is paper inspired by the Queens Jubilee. I <3 Royalty and the pretty paper that was free thanks to the parties!!


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