Friday, 29 July 2011

My Peacock Inspired, Loo Roll Flowers

So after my inspiration from peacocks and others craftiness I have started on some MORE loo roll (and wrapping paper roll) flowers using the colours from peacock feathers. This isn't a new craft for me now but I am hand painting them and have plenty of empty wrapping paper rolls to make use out of so... Its going to take a while.

This is the first of many, some will be purple, some possibly gold, and also some green leaves. I'm considering some butterflies but depends how motivated I am this weekend! My new student house has a pretty dull interior; EVERYTHING is cream, so with my house-mates' acceptance (and to match the bizarre teal colour of the leather sofas we have inherited) these should be adorning the living room wall by the end of August. I just have to find the rest of my colourful paint and get cracking.

Yay, for a peacock inspired living room!

My other post about making the loo roll flowers. CLICK!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Made In Liverpool

Good Afternoon!

My friend is part of the curatorial team of an upcoming exhibition 'Made In Liverpool'(UK), An exhibition exploring the future of Liverpool's built environment. They are currently looking for talented artists, illustrators, designers, architects, architectural students, photographers, film makers, painters, sculptors etc etc to submit work for the exhibition based on they're own interpretation of the exhibition title/sub. The submission deadline is 29th August.

Here are a couple of useful links if you are interested in submitting work, following the exhibition, visiting or even sponsoring!

For more information visit:
Or any of these sites you use:

To contact the organisers or submit work, email:

Submissions should include clear pictures of your work, the title of the work, your name, profession, 100 to 150 words regarding the piece and details of which area of Liverpool (or exact address if possible) the project is focused on.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Wishlist

First brought to my attention by an artist called Rebecca after she made a beautiful rolled paper bowl and posted it on craftster,Though it was an old post (2009) I am now looking to get my hands on this wonderful book. Hopefully it will be good for beginners such as myself! 

And since then I have also found she has a shop on etsy full of assorted, unconventional items made into something beautiful. 

Songbird - Earrings Prime Real Estate --- Monopoly Earrings  The Bronze Age - Large Chainmail Earrings

The book is going straight on my amazon wishlist, I look forward to creating things as lovely as these earrings!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Weekly Inspiration Board - Peacocks!

I have decided to do a weekly post of pictures and music that inspires me in things I do and/or create (linking to peoples websites to give credit where due of course!). I hate when I forget a song name,can never find THAT beautiful photograph again or that website with the fantastic creation I want to try! Like back in school, my blog is also becoming my mood board for my Once upon a time, home made home.

This week: PEACOCKS! (All photographs are linked)

As I now have more loo rolls, lots of inspiration and some rooms to make less bland (one with my current peacock inspirations) I better get started. I love that this craft is so easy kids (even I) can do it!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Loo Roll, Bunting and a Party

Finally found some time to share my upcycling venture with loo rolls! I was making decorations for my Mummy's surprise party for her 50th birthday and decided to make hanging decorations.
First I collected lots of the cardboard toilet rolls (because I am a hoarder and hate waste) and then set to work. I squashed them slightly and cut them in half, half again and again, ending with 8 pieces per roll that already had a petal shape.

I then got some pva glue and using a small brush applied glue at and slightly around one of the points of each of four 'petals' and stuck them together in a flower shape holding them tightly for about a minute. As a little insurance I also used nail varnish (and later on extra strong glue) to dab in the centre and hold the four petals together.

Whilst the glue dried I made the flower stigmas (centres). I used old birthday cards and cut shapes out testing my crafty scissors that are curved, brushed pva glue on the card and covered in sequins. I then put a thick layer of glue on each piece and repeated until there was no card visible. This took some patience!

Finally, I sprayed the flowers silver and glued the stigma to the centre of each with extra strong glue, finishing by sticking the flowers back to back so they were double sided, eight petal flowers.

This was the one we put on the wrapping of her champagne but I also tied wrapping ribbon to the rest and hung them around the hall for the party with bunting I also made.

I made 50 metres of bunting (foil wrapping paper, concertinered like a fan, glued in the middle then taped to wrapping foil string. The pictures were doubles from a 'this is your life' 50th gift from my sister) and flower decorations all for about £7! An added bonus was Mummy never cottoned on to the plans and was so surprised she was teary from happiness/shock. Budget, upcycle and party success!

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