Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Bargain Hunting - ReLoved Boot Fair Finds.

Time for a mini recap to show why I love boot fairs.

So after a few mornings at boot fairs, these lovely finds and a winter of rain and frost, I have a few pictures of how my purchases are being put to use in our university house. There are also little tutorials for one or two of them in previous posts; linked of course.

I picked up some chalk in a home bargains for 69p especially for these babies (two packs of white, two of pretty colours AND a mini chalkboard eraser that makes me want to now get a chalkboard for the kitchen too!) The boyfriend got at a jar I had nothing for yet...These are chalkboard stickers but a bit of chalkboard paint in a nice shape on any jar would work!

These candle holders are for outside as the wax will get very messy. They were rusting somewhat so I took them apart, sanded off the rust and got spray paint happy with silver paint. I used spray paint that is for cars... Mainly because it was in the shed, free from dads work and also it helps that it will be weather proof!

These 'Victorian' lampshades are now garden tea light holders thanks to some garden wire, pliers and simple when doing but complicated sounding instructions. TUTORIAL

And I used the fruit bowl as a planter for a miniature garden in our concrete jungle yard, in hindsight I wish I have drilled holes into it as it now has pond life...

I am looking forward to a few more boot fairs this season.

Happy Summer!

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