Sunday, 4 September 2011

Moving Day and a Busy Week

As a student, I don't rise early unless I have plans; a habit I am trying to break. I feel like I have been so busy house/pet sitting back home in Kent, seeing friends I don't see often topped off with a hellish 4am start to Moving Day that I haven't had time to sit and blog!

Leaving the beautiful Kentish Countryside to move back to the industrial city of Liverpool. Nice. Bluebell Woods, Kent:-
So now, with my life in Liverpool once again and two weeks before my second year starts, I'm hoping I can make it more a part of my day than it has been.

So this is a photograph of the 'Red brick', University of Liverpool that I took at the start of my first year. It is actually a red brick building (one of six classified as a university before WWI) but the term 'Red brick' is now derogatory courtesy of polytechnics such as mine being reclassified as Universities though the six Red bricks still getting two thirds of all research grant funding . Read more on Wiki ... 
I get to walk past that everyday. Inside there is the Victoria Gallery and Museum, The Waterhouse Cafe, and more importantly outside is the big clock that tells me if I am late for my lecture or have time for quick a coffee!  
Here is a little example of the more modern architecture of 2008 winner or Capital of Culture. The Metropolitan Cathedral Church of Christ the King. Otherwise known as 'Paddys Wig Wam', the back of it anyway. This is the view I get of the building (across the road from the Red brick) on my walk to lectures!

Back to Craft organising now, I promise my blogs will be more crafty relevant most of the time!

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