Sunday, 4 September 2011

Boot Fair Time!

Just a quick post today to show off what my friend and I managed to pick up at a Sunday boot fair in Kent. Kent boot fairs have the best stuff! 
So there are the storage jars with chalk board labels, 4 for £1!
The blue Chinese tea pot, £1. 
A selection of clear glass jars; big, small and decorative for £1.50
4 Victorian glass lamps in a selection of colours, £2
A Large planter/fruit bowl (at the back full of books) £1
The Picadilly tea caddy for 50p
A Utensils holder also 50p! (Not seen in picture)
The Liquor Mirror, Enid Blyton book and Metal, Canadian Beer wall plaque were cheeky extras my friend LOVED and wouldn't leave without; she got it all for £3
I also got some blue and leopard beads for 30p, a little miss bossy book (just to prove her existence) for 20p, the gold frame with a cute teddy bear picture for 10p and a wok cook book for free!!
I think they took pity on us as we looked and sounded like useless students furnishing our first house. Technically though...They were right.

Yay for boot fairs! Can't wait to put everything to use in our uni house now.

1 comment:

  1. I love boot fairs, don't go to many but I do like a wander around.

    Jan :)


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