Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Wishlist

First brought to my attention by an artist called Rebecca after she made a beautiful rolled paper bowl and posted it on craftster,Though it was an old post (2009) I am now looking to get my hands on this wonderful book. Hopefully it will be good for beginners such as myself! 

And since then I have also found she has a shop on etsy full of assorted, unconventional items made into something beautiful. 

Songbird - Earrings Prime Real Estate --- Monopoly Earrings  The Bronze Age - Large Chainmail Earrings

The book is going straight on my amazon wishlist, I look forward to creating things as lovely as these earrings!


  1. Love that bowl, so effective, you can see how this technique could be adapted for a variety of uses.

  2. That looks a great book.
    If you put 'bowl made from magazines' in your search engine it brings up lots of great sites of bowls made in a variety of ways. I make things, I think they're original, then if I google it I find loads of peeps have been and done it before me. :o)

    Jan x


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