Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Made In Liverpool

Good Afternoon!

My friend is part of the curatorial team of an upcoming exhibition 'Made In Liverpool'(UK), An exhibition exploring the future of Liverpool's built environment. They are currently looking for talented artists, illustrators, designers, architects, architectural students, photographers, film makers, painters, sculptors etc etc to submit work for the exhibition based on they're own interpretation of the exhibition title/sub. The submission deadline is 29th August.

Here are a couple of useful links if you are interested in submitting work, following the exhibition, visiting or even sponsoring!

For more information visit:
Or any of these sites you use:

To contact the organisers or submit work, email:


Submissions should include clear pictures of your work, the title of the work, your name, profession, 100 to 150 words regarding the piece and details of which area of Liverpool (or exact address if possible) the project is focused on.


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