Friday, 29 July 2011

My Peacock Inspired, Loo Roll Flowers

So after my inspiration from peacocks and others craftiness I have started on some MORE loo roll (and wrapping paper roll) flowers using the colours from peacock feathers. This isn't a new craft for me now but I am hand painting them and have plenty of empty wrapping paper rolls to make use out of so... Its going to take a while.

This is the first of many, some will be purple, some possibly gold, and also some green leaves. I'm considering some butterflies but depends how motivated I am this weekend! My new student house has a pretty dull interior; EVERYTHING is cream, so with my house-mates' acceptance (and to match the bizarre teal colour of the leather sofas we have inherited) these should be adorning the living room wall by the end of August. I just have to find the rest of my colourful paint and get cracking.

Yay, for a peacock inspired living room!

My other post about making the loo roll flowers. CLICK!


  1. That's looking good, Kayleigh! I might nick part of your idea, I need to turn a blank wall into a jewellery hanging space for my many necklaces, earrings and bracelets. I can see flowers like these as a border! And as I have about 20 loo rolls I could get right onto it..... paint! Must get some paint!

  2. Last time I used spray paint, it was messy but so much easier (prob more expensive too)
    I would like to see a finished product!


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