Sunday, 30 October 2011

Interning in Liverpool

Now, in my second year of history of art and museum and studies lucky for us they are already putting on the pressure to think about proper grown up jobs when we leave in about a year and a half...

I now intern at The Bluecoat Display Centre. The BDC is one of the earliest Craft Galleries in the UK, And I am in love. Its a registered Arts and Culture Charity as it is a non profit organisation aimed at recognising contemporary craft and design of living artists both locally and internationally. 

They even have an online application form for craftspeople wanting to apply to sell their work!  Since its an internship, I'm working for free in exchange for the experience and knowledge the lovely staff are sharing. If I was paid, ALL my money would go straight back in and I would end up with a student house full of ceramics, glass works and jewellery. I don't even wear jewellery! The work is just THAT gorgeous. Anyway, here is a little look at some of the artists work the BDC sells.

Ruth Ball

Jessica Briggs

Clara Breen

Michael Brennand-Wood

Bob Crooks

Tony Gant

Teresa Green

Hattie Grimes

Colette Hazelwood

Laura Anderson

Kate Hodgson

Anna Howarth

Adeline Joubert

Walter Keeler

Gilly Langton

Dan Stafford

Caroline Scully

Sarah Thirwell

Poppy Treffry

I could happily work at the BDC until my house is bursting with beautiful things, shame I need to be able to travel light, and I already fail at that.

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