Monday, 22 August 2011

Alice Adventures Luggage/Gift Tags

After a few weeks I have finally caught an hour to try out a new idea inspired by the Adventures of Alice. Though not completely finished as I am still at odds on how to go about it; I have made gift (or luggage) tags! 

After a (questionable) eureka moment of what I could make and how I could make it easier, it (ironically) took ages to make a stamp from some foam I bought due to my dodgy craft knives and I still cant decide whether it was worth it or if I should have just hand painted them. The Stamp:-

 Then I found about ten decks of cards to sort through in my house, some blue and gold craft rope (29p hobby craft sale!) and also the luggage tags (59p for 30 at 'The Works'). I think I can do much more with the all of this but I am yet to go crazy for fear of waste. ALL Alice related crafts of course!

These are my luggage/gift tags so far with a mix of crafty Alice related items:-

And a cheeky extra picture to see the sparkles of Alice, peering up at..? (The Cheshire Cat!) Each glitter matches the gift tag in colour and LOOK at the detail of illustration in the cards. 

Just in time to join Wendy with Handmade Monday. Lots of lovely Crafters linked together to share work and inspire each other. Fabulous! I cannot wait now I have some more time to get my creative juices flowing this week.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Love your Alice stamp - simple but very effective. Enjoy your crafting time! x

  2. Your Alice stamp turned out really well, I love the sparkles.

  3. Alice is a great favourite, love the stamp, it turned out well.

    Jan x

  4. What fun! I love Alice in Wonderland. I think making a stamp sounds like a great idea! This turned out great!

  5. a tag lover here. anything small, stamped, surreal for me please :) yours are good! the choice of topic is original too!


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