Thursday, 2 June 2011

Bargain Shopping

With my homemade home plan I am being realistic, knowing I will have to spend money. The plan is to visit boot sales and fairs, charity shops and antique places for thing that are decorative but I wont be able to make myself!

This week I had some spare cash and dragged my boyfriend to the charity shop local to his. Given that its the closest one to a posh area of Sheffield they always have nice things  :)

Here is what I found:
A beautiful cut glass decanter, though I don't drink whiskey so liquid suggestions welcome. This cost just £5! I have put it away for safe keeping, it seems a shame to hide it away but I want it to reach my homemade house, student living isn't the place for such a pretty glass item. My boyfriend says the top reminds him of crystal maze :)

This has however got me thinking of crafts, colourful liquids in clear bottles...

I also got:
This beauty is what I have been searching for for about 4 years in shops and boot sales (when I remembered to look), a perfect square frame 10" x 10". I have an 8" record with the song I was named after on it (found in a charity shop by my uncle) and have been looking for a frame ever since. I think I will put my new found love of decoupage into practice onto the frame as it is a bit scratched. I just need to find something to use the pretty picture for. This find cost me only 75p...BARGAIN!

Time to get to crafting!


  1. That decanter is beautiful! I find it very hard not to paint cut glass's a weakness! :)

  2. I am paranoid I would spoil it so I can avoid it for now. I might look into glass painting on something less pretty!

  3. You can put some coloured water (food colouring) in the decanter for now, it would look nice near a window with the sunlight hitting it.

    Jan x

  4. I would cover that picture up with something heatproof and clear as a trivet :) or even just put it in a clip it frame and hang it in the kitchen. Its such a pretty plain picture seems a waste to not use it :)
    I would also either put coloured water in that decanter, or even something like vimto lol
    And thanks for reminding me of that song, certainly takes me back. Most notably to the Academy in Manchester :)


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